State of the art and industry leading solutions for programmatic to ensure the best results for our partners

Our unique personalized demand-side traffic, is as well controlled and monitored by our performance team to give that extra layer to give our demand the best possible supply, by adding this extra layer we seen great results.


Increase in DSP buying efficiencies


Dynamic filtering capabilities suppresses 98% of supply that won’t receive a bid

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How it works

Hax Media Partner Intelligent Marketplace increases buying and efficiency for our demand partners and yield for our supply partners. Powered by AI, we provide publishers with a smarter programmatic ecosystem, where supply needs are fulfilled through premium brand demand that performs.

Targeting options are an essential feature in the acquisition process. We added more flexibility and control needed to run performance campaigns with sophisticated requirements.

It is crucial to use every opportunity in a highly competitive environment. That’s why we are constantly improving our optimization algorithms. We develop various solutions for invisible optimization, which always work “under the hood” using all the advantages of Machine Learning Algorithms and create tools for sophisticated optimization in manual mode.


Ensuring maximum efficiency of trading and optimization algorithms, we operate with all common performance indicators in the industry while striving to minimize delays between all auction participants.

⸻  Hax Media Partners

Programmatic Marketplace

Get closer to sellers and buyers with our programmatic marketplace. Increase the value of your inventory and as a demand partner get more out of every spend.
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