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We are proud to serve and optimize the best solution for our publishers

Confused with too much technology?

  • Don’t have time or staff to implement new technology?
  • You just want to get paid the best rates for you inventory?
  • You want it simple and easy?
  • Want a plug and play solution?

Let us take care of all the technology and optimizing and let you focus on your site(s).

Easy For Publishers

Hax Media Partners have made it easy for publishers. We provide advertising tags for display and video and support desktop, mobile and inAPP.

Worldwide Demand

Hax Media Partners have premium demand from all over the World. We work closely with premium certified Google ADX partners and top quality and top paying demand partners and agencies, which ensures you the best possible rates in the industry.

Regular Payments

To make things even better, we pay our publishers every 35 days. We have industry high CPM’s and fill rates, and we are still rapidly expanding our publishers’ portfolios.

We Keep It Simple

You do not have to worry about technology and long payments from partners. We are in the same boat as our publishers and we do things simply, in a way that is understandable for everyone.

We make sure that you only have quality and the highest paying ads on your inventory at all times

The current market is constantly changing and this can often confuse publishers with new technology, new standards, and new rules on how to serve ads in general. Hax Media Partners make it simple, and take all that responsibility on our shoulders, to make sure that the publishers can just sit back and enjoy the best paying ads for their valuable inventory.


Improve your monetisation where advertising efficiently works across display, mobile and video

Guaranteed Fill

We use the latest technology to help you get the most from guaranteed and real-time bidding

Multi-Channel Solutions

We have expertise for monetizing high-quality inventory across display, mobile and video

Brand Safety

We offer full transparency and maximum user-experience protection for your audience

Agencies & Advertisers

Drive traffic to your website and gain from high impact brand with our premium inventory


Our cross-channel solutions are designed to drive the best campaign performance for advertisers and publishers.

Global Reach

We offer the best solutions for optimizing digital audiences, identification and monetisation.

Perfect Targeting

We work with multiple partners to monitor inventory across our network to ensure only premium environments.


“We have been working with Hax Media Partners as a client and can only say the best things about Hax Media Partners. They are organized, helpful, and responsive and always looks for getting the best solution out of a problem. The most remarkable thing about Hax Media Partners is that they are always in a good and helpful mood even things are not going the best way. I highly recommend Hax Media Partners as a partner in every business relationship.”

Jim Howard

CEO, Mandala Video

“I’ve worked with Hax Media Partners in every manner of working relationship possible, as a provider/client,  and as a partner. I have always been impressed with there energy and initiative, and in there current online media ventures they haven’t disappointed, they are extremely effective and professional in there work. “

Tom Horsey

Founding Partner, Crazy4Media Group

“We have have been doing business with Hax Media Partners for many years. They are one of the sharpest and most goal oriented
companies I ever came across! No matter if it is small or big business opportunities they always looks for the edge to get the best solution for the parties involved. I can highly recommend Hax Media partners.”

VP of Commercial

Henrik Lykkesteen, Better Collective

“We’d worked with Hax Media Partners in every manner of working relationship possible, as a provider/client and as a partner. We have always been impressed with their energy and initiative, and they are extremely effective and professional in their work.”

Malgorzata Szarek

Publisher service Manager, Optad 360

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