Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The user of the Hax Media Partners Online Limited website (Hax Media Partners from now) will be able to register as a registered user or as a subscriber of information publications on any of the Hax Media Partners websites providing certain personal information.

Through this, Hax Media Partners situated in Office 3307 Lippo Centre, Tower 2, Queensway 89, Hong Kong, email address publishers@haxmediapartners.com¬†informs users about all its other different internet portals (from now on “Users” and the “Portal”) and about its protection policies of personal information (from now on “Personal Information”) so that the Users can determine freely and voluntarily if they want to provide the Personal Information that Hax Media Partners requires and can access when the Users subscribe to any of the services offered by Hax Media Partners on or across the Portal. Hax Media Partners reserves the right to edit the current policy so that it includes new laws and legislations as well as industry practices. In this case, Hax Media Partners will announce any changes on this page with sufficient prior notice before putting it into practice.

Certain services offered on the portal can contain special conditions with specific precautions regarding data protection. Specifically, they are related to the series of web pages below of which Hax Media Partners maintains an alliance with the owning company of the websites. This is done in a way in which Hax Media Partners limits the promotion of the services in order to obtain royalties, but in no case is Hax Media Partners responsible for the collection of the data, nor other activities protected by legislation that can be carried out. At present, Hax Media Partners has a series of registered domains whose content is directly aimed at the server of the business who owns the domain in such a way that Hax Media Partners is not responsible for the management that is carried out.

Provision of Services

Conscious of the importance of protecting the privacy of the users, Hax Media Partners offers the most confidential and secure service, using the most up to date technology in order to safeguard the privacy of their electronic communication and the personal information that is generated from this. However, despite the fact that this entity has implemented all the methods asked for the different levels of security in order to avoid whatever incident that could effect in the misuse of their information, it is necessary to be aware these methods of security are not impregnable. Therefore Hax Media Partners will not be responsible for the damage that malicious third parties could do through unauthorized access to the Hax Media Partners information systems.

Registration Forms and Files

When signing up to our services, the Users’ personal details will be added to a file corresponding to the type of service requested for which Hax Media Partners is responsible. This/these file/s have been duly registered with the Hong Kong Agency of Data Protection. The User will declare that they understand and they give their expressed consent so Hax Media Partners can proceed with the automated handling of the said information. However, this consent can be revoked at any moment by the affected, causing them to be taken off and ‘blacklisted’ from our system according to the process that will be shown later.

Handling of Information

Personal information will be subject to handling when it is suitable, pertinent and not excessive, in relation to the field and the purpose for which it has been obtained, in agreement with what has been stipulated in the Official Data Protection Laws. The information that the user has supplied to Hax Media Partners by means of access to whatever service they require, will be used to determine their area of interest therefore to improve customer satisfaction during the contractual relationship. To do this, we will use their data (their telephone number) which will help to build profiles for our users and therefore help both direct marketing and commercial communications, using the most appropriate methods; SMS/MMS, emails, automatic calls or other manual or automatic tools. The information obtained will be treated with maximum confidentiality, applying the highest security methods.


Taking in to account what has previously been said, we will assume that consent has been given to the handling of the user’s data, as has been stated previously. We remind the user that at any time they can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or objection of their information by sending an email to publishers@haxmediapartners.com with their telephone number, indicating in their application, the word STOP.

Transfer of Information

The user expresses their consent that their personal information can be handed over to other companies in order to send information about various services related to those applied for from Hax Media Partners The user can revoke their consent at any time and exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or objection following the process indicated in the paragraph entitled ‘Consent’ sending a text message with the words STOP TRANSFER. Moreover, we inform the user that their telephone number may be passed on to other Hong Kong or European companies in the direct marketing sector and telephone voice services of added value so they can receive information about new products and services that might interest them. The information would be related (although sometimes indirectly) to the services to which they applied. Users can revoke their consent to companies receiving their information by stopping all services, but titling the message CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

When giving Personal Information over third parties, the procedure will be explained to Users in a text message containing the identification of the society who transfers the information and the third party to whom their information will be given, and the type of activities the third party is involved in, including their aims. The User can oppose at any moment to any or all of the predetermined transfers of information by exercising their rights explained in point below.

In accordance to what is stipulated in these laws, in all information sent, the word ‘Publicity’ will appear in the title, identifying clearly the business to whom the publicity belongs. At any time, the User can opt out of this service by following the process indicated, but using the title CANCEL PUBLICITY.


The present disclaimer (from now on “Disclaimer”) regulates the use of the internet service portal http://www.test.haxmediapartners.com (from now on “Website”) of Hax Media Partners with registered address in Office 3307 Lippo Centre, Tower 2, Queensway 89, Hong Kong, written in The Trade Registry of Hong Kong.


Likewise, the use of the Portal is subject to the disclaimers, rules of use and instructions, made available to the User by Hax Media Partners which are substituted, completed and or modified in the present Disclaimer. Generally, the relationship between Hax Media Partners and the User of its telecommunication services, via the website, are subject to legislation and Hong Kong jurisdiction.

All legal matters concerning both Hax Media Partners and the User, about the giving up of privileges are subject to the jurisdiction and exclusive capacity of the Courts and Tribunals of Hong Kong law.

Use and User Access

The access to any of the products or services in the present Website by the User, is done so under their own responsibility, exonerating Hax Media Partners of all responsibility. Hax Media Partners can refuse access to any User from the time of learning that the User isn’t complying to the requirements already stated.

The company reserves the right to modify the Website in any way they consider appropriate without previous notice, being able to change, delete the content and the services that are provided, as well as the form in which they appear, and their destination on the servers.

The use of the Portal by the user (from now on “User”) implicates the acceptance of each and every one of the regulations included in the version of the disclaimer published by Hax Media Partners at the time the User accesses the portal. As a consequence, the user must carefully read the present Disclaimer every time it is displayed on the Portal, so as not to be affected by the modifications.
Industrial and Intellectual Property

The rights of intellectual property of the content of the web pages, their graphic design, and their codes, are owned by Hax Media Partners and therefore it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, communicate publicly, transform or do any other activity that can be carried out with the contents of its Web pages, it is also prohibited to quote sources unless written permission is sought from Hax Media Partners.
Equally, all commercial names, brands or different logos of whatever class found on the Hax Media Partners website belong to their designers and are protected by the law.

Web Content and Links

Hax Media Partners will not be held responsible for the misuse of the contents of its Website, this is solely the responsibility of the person who accesses them or uses them.

Hax Media Partners does not assume any responsibility for the information contained on the websites of third parties, that can be accessed by links or by search engines when searching for Hax Media Partners.


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